Bering Straits Spring - Nome to Deering, 2015

Bering Straits Spring - Nome to Deering, 2015

Skis. Sleds. Sea Ice. Blizzards. Breakup. Packrafts.

One 6-year-old. One 4-year-old.

Two months. 360+ miles.

Along the edge of the Bering Strait from Nome to Deering.

Originally, we thought we’d make it all the way to Kotzebue. Between kid speed and storms, we changed our estimation, and ended up in Deering on the last day of May. It was an amazing ride. You can see photos from our travels, an interactive map with our route and messages from the wild, and read Erin’s first update and second update published in the ADN.

Visiting where the first Americans may have tread-- The winds died. The craggy cliffs disappeared. The world turned flat and white. Sometimes, heading down the beach in the morning, when it looked just the same as yesterday and the kids wanted to play “Pooh and Piglet and the Sabertooth Tiger” and “Pretend Easter Egg Hunt in the Mud Melt Holes” -- just the same as yesterday – the world seemed endless... [Read More] …Erin McKittrick, May 31, 2015

Walking a windswept 500 miles to Kotzebue with 2 kids -- Bryan Weyauvanna stepped off his snowmachine, gulped the last of his thermos of coffee, and gestured at one of the mountains behind Cape Woolley, pastel pink in the setting sun. “That mountain? It’s 3870 on the map, but in my language, it’s Singatook. And when you see a cloud up there, that means it’s going to be windy.”… [Read More] Erin McKittrick, Apr 12, 2015

Lituya flopped in the snow
LITUYA FLOPPED IN THE SNOW — Lituya flopped in the snow — Get Photo
Katmai on skis
KATMAI ON SKIS — Katmai on skis — Get Photo

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